Varoufakis blows the whistle on the Eurogroup

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The Eurogroup... it's a bit like sausages
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Whistleblowing on the Eurogroup

The Eurogroup, it's a bit like sausages.
If you know what's in it, you don't want to touch it.

Due to the lack of transparency of the Eurogroup, Yanis Varoufakis himself acts as whistleblower and explains how it works on the inside. The Eurogroup is effectively 'the economic government' of the Euro-zone, consisting of the ministers of finance/economy of all the Euro-zone countries, that takes the most transcendent decisions for the whole of the Euro-zone.

  1. they take decisions without being briefed;
  2. in fact the decisions already come orchestrated by the Troika;
  3. the ministers of economy only contribute to the press release;
  4. back home, each of the ministers of economy defend themselves saying that it was "the best they could do", because they were only one, there were eighteen against them...
  5. in the end nobody is responsible!
  6. by the way, the Eurogroup is not even an official organ of the European Union (like the European Commission or Parliament). The Eurogroup doesn't exist in law. It's an informal meeting;

...this is about the greatest economy in the world.




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