Nature First?

What priority do you give Climate in these EU Elections?

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If you got up to here, most surely you're interested in this Ranking of EU political groups & national parties on climate change (and thus nature, sustainability and "our future living conditions" as Greta says).

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A better Europe for a better Climate?

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European Elections 23 - 26 May 2019
VOTE for the change EU want to see in the system instead of in the climate!

European Spring -

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Open letter to Greta and Polly

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Dear, dear Greta,

first of all, thank you for everything that you are doing and also everything that I guess you will be doing in the crucial next few years! I admire what you're achieving.

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How to keep the Climate Movement alive?

PLAY VIDEO ►►► George Monbiot - out of the wreckage

(work in progress)
In his article "Young climate strikers can win their fight. We must all help." journalist and writer George Monbiot explores the possibilities to keep the Climate Movement alive, instead of breaking up or getting stuck as has happened before with other movements.

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Can Climate Awareness be a starting point for a better Europa?

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Polly and Greta protecting Earth and Climate

The time that old men impose the future on you and everybody seems to be coming to an end.

The fate of the living planet is in the hands of some leaders, most of whom have already passed the age of fifty; they will already be dead when the dikes overflow.

(Mara - De Groene Amsterdammer)

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Do you consider mass destruction of nature a crime?

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Ecocide is a Crime - Polly Higgins

Since forever big industry has been practically free to destroy nature, the climate and the Earth without any limit or consequences.

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Does Earth need a law to make ecocide an international crime?

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Mission Lifeforce - protectors of the Earth

To accelerate the process of turning ecocide into the fifth international crime against peace Mission LifeForce offers all the people in the world the chance to be part of it and support it for life, in less than getting a hamburger menu both in time and expenses. This also helps increase the legal backup of the front-line activists in case they get arrested.

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Do you support the Global Strike(s) for Future?

PLAY VIDEO ►►► NOT just another brick

It all started with Greta Thunberg (15 years old by then) who staged an action outside the Swedish Riksdag (parliament), holding a sign that read "Skolstrejk för klimatet" or "School strike for climate" during August

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Should courts condemn governments for bad climate policy? In the Netherlands it already happened.

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Urgenda wins climate case against Dutch state.
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Should Greta receive the Nobel Peace prize?

Congrats Greta


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Is "the market" more important than life? - Pepe Mujica

PLAY VIDEO ►►► José Mujica, ex presidente de Uruguay

Uruguay's ex-president Pepe Mujica analyses for Deutsche Welle the economic and ecologic chalenges that humanity is facing and he reminds us that "the essence is not the market, it's life."  In this short video of profound reflexions he also wonders: "¿Will we have the capacity to reason as a species instead of reasoning as individuals or as countries?"

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Nature First!

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Climate Protest and Ecocide Law go hand in hand

Planet Earth with all its nature is the mother, the cradle and home of the human species, as it is of all life.

Nature, climate and our Earth are essential for the survival of humanity and of life itself. They should be loved, taken care of and protected. EurOpinion deems it of the highest global priority, that's why Nature is our first point of attention. Several areas can be distinguished, amongst which:

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Global Strike 4 Future - Milan, polls in the street

PLAY VIDEO ►►► Awareness today, Action tomorrow!

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If you want to learn how mass destruction of nature (Ecocide) can be turned into a crime, please see "Do you consider mass destruction of nature a crime?" in the "Nature First" section or click the link to open now in a new tab. (improving logistics of the web is work in progress)

Climate and Ecocide, NOT just Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd, Global Climate Strike version
(played during the evening march in Milan - Milano per il Clima - see video)

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