"Do you Love Europa" is not a straightorward question.

That's because there are at least three ways to look at and understand Europa.

  • In the first place Europa is a continent. Simply a geographical area with it's mountains, rivers and nature.
  • Next, Europa is a community of peoples, each with its own culture, language and (sometimes shared) history of centuries. In the early years the European project gave the impression that, apart from avoiding war and providing prosperity, it was about builing a greater social structure where all these communities of peoples could integrate and share. A community of communities, hence the European Community.  
  • Finally within Europa now there is this essentially political and monetairy "Union" exists between 27 countries of the continent. It basically is concerned about the market and macroeconomic issues more than about the citizens even if it floats on the origins set by the former European Community.

EurOpinion wants to find out if and how much the Europeans themselves LovEuropa in the sense of this political and monetary European Union giving priority to the economy paying most attention to the wants and needs of corporations and banks. Or if instead they LovEuropa more in the former sense of a community with priority attention for the wants and needs of her citizens.

  1. What do you think about Europa? (as EU)
  2. Do you understand Europa? (as EU)
  3. Do you know Europa? (as a the community of people)
  4. Europa: Union or Community? (a fundamental question we think)
  5. A European Dream?
    How it started, what we did accomplish and what we still have to accomplish.
  6. A fresh look at Europa?
    Stuck views on Europa and the need for a fresh look and think out of the box.
  7. Europa's potential?
    Europa has capacities and a potential that has not yet been recognized or unleashed.
  8. A better Europa for a better world?
    When Europa solves its internal problems it can be an example for other countries and regions to follow which eventually could lead to a better world.




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Europa of the people

Europa of politics

Nature First?

Free Speech?


Go non-profit?

Abolish Bank Secrecy?