Can Climate Awareness be a starting point for a better Europa?

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Polly and Greta protecting Earth and Climate

The time that old men impose the future on you and everybody seems to be coming to an end.

The fate of the living planet is in the hands of some leaders, most of whom have already passed the age of fifty; they will already be dead when the dikes overflow.

(Mara - De Groene Amsterdammer)

They tend to have short-term visions, usually oriented to the industry or their own tenure (usually less than 5 years) with a focus that's basically limited to money. Young people do not accept this anymore. The old ways of doing politics are beginning to be pushed aside by visions on longer terms, coherent with nature and society (sometimes more than 100 years), with human-oriented approaches and priority for sustainability.

Especially in Europe, this process is manifesting strongly, particularly amongst young people.

  • This is very significant. Because Europe is not just one country, not just one language, not just one culture. It shows a shared value that goes beyond politically established boundaries. It's a sign of a cross-border community (something the original European dream aimed for) and a connectedness between citizens that is not restricted by old established-order-mechanisms.
  • Since it's specifically the youth that is actively engaged in defending its own future and the climate (in fact, our planet as a whole) as collective treasure to take care of does not just give hope for now but also builds confidence for the decades to come. It is a refreshing and needed evolution towards a better Europe and a better world.

And now young Europeans have several options that allow them to practice, strengthen and truly excercise the enourmous potential they have to actively participate and determine a future for themselves (and in passing those that we old ones have left ;) and even design it collectively on a long term:

  1. Youth Strike for Climate: 10 March in the Netherlands, 15 March globally
    an exceptional opportunity to once again demonstrate your commitment to the media, increase awarenes amongst the public and put pressure on the old men. There are more than 500 demonstrations planned throughout the world, see the map.
  2. Mission Lifeforce: you can join right away if you want, for the rest of your life
    This is a concrete and feasible initiative by the Scottish lawyer Polly Higgins to draft an international law that makes large scale destruction of nature (Ecocide), including climatic consequences, a crime. Polly has created the 'title' of Protector of the Earth and has it legally recognized in almost every country in the world. With a small contribution starting at 5 euros you too become an official Protector of the Earth for the rest of your life and part of a world wide group that fights for an international law to protect nature and planet.
  3. The European Elections: 23 - 26 May, depending on your country
    if you're over 18 it's yet another exceptional opportunity to take advantage of and make your voice heard, this time within the existing system itself. Even if you do not like politics or do not know anything about it ... If climate and nature are your priority, then it's enough to vote for a party that, in a proven or credible way, indeed gives priority to climate and nature over economic growth and the 'market'.
  4. where you are now, at your disposal
    this platform where you can design your own future together, through reciprocal questioning and answering, creating the path to follow in an organical way. Please, join too :)
  5. Other initiatives we will actively search for or you already know about...

Is possible that a better Europa can start from Climate awareness and protection of Nature and Earth?
Caring for the climate, nature and our planet apparently is starting to make old men in politics obsolete. When this jumps to other essential areas of society like freedom of speech, gender equity, alternative economy, education, health care or the media, then effective change towards a better Europa and a better world may become a real possibility.


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